SFX Events is run by a hard-working dedicated team of staff. A few of our senior team members running our events are profiled below.

Joe Hale

Managing director

His Words - As the founder of SFX Events I have a passion for making every event a great one. I am lucky to have such a great team to work closely along side me. My enthusiasm for Lighting and effect production is well received by clients who are looking to get the best out of their event. Having worked on all nature of events from DJ sets, Live bands, Touring situations, Event Production and Event management I feel I have a good knowledge of the industry and am still keen to build that further with SFX Events.

Background - Joe loves to be out and about and has a passion for sport enjoying Climbing, Power boating, Sailing, Cycling and more. As soon as he left school Joe founded SFX Events and hasn't looked back since.

Involvement - As Managing director Joe will have a deep involvement in the creation of your event from the very start to the very end. He is a professional Lighting designer and has extensive experience in Festival, club and touring situations.

Zac Leighton - BSc (Hons)

Lighting/Audio Technician

His Words - Having studied music at university I was keen to get involved with live production as soon as possible. I have been working with SFX Events for quite a while now and feel that I have learnt a huge amount about the industry. I am now able to run events myself with precision professionalism. The time I have spent with SFX so far has been great and I am looking forward to the new and exciting events that lay ahead.

Background - Zac loves sports and being outdoors. He is a keen snowboarder and has recently started rock climbing with a few of the other SFX staff members. He is a very passionate and driven member of the team who is always happy to go the extra mile.

Involvement - Zac is a very capable individual who is often put in charge of stage design, operation and management. He is a person that remains calm when needed and has a unique way of seeing things that may cause others problems. Zac is in the office as much as he is out on events so can help with your job from the very first phone call to the final curtain call.

Olly Suckling - BA (Hons)

Lighting Designer

His Words - Coming Soon...

Background - Olly is full of knowledge about the events industry. He has extensive experience with several tours in the UK, Europe & Worldwide. As a professional LD he can navigate his way around almost any console you give to him and put on an amazing show with it. Olly is quickly becoming a leading team member and will soon be running events for himself.

Involvement - Olly does many of our touring shows which is what he really enjoys to be involved with. His skills as a lighting designer and capacity to operate several makes of desk with confidence makes him the ideal touring 'LD'. None the less Olly can be seen at all nature of our events so keep an eye out for him at yours!

Will Habgood - BSc (Hons)

Lighting/Audio Engineer

His Words - I am an alert and focused member of the team who enjoys putting in the groundwork to make sure everything runs smoothly at the critical moment. I enjoy every aspect of live lighting and sound production and I am rapidly developing my experience in this field with every event I assist at.

Background - Will is currently in the last year of his BSc Degree in Audio Technology at Southampton Solent University. He has always enjoyed music and technology and is thrilled to watch his hard work come to life when the show begins.

Involvement - Will is heavily involved with our corporate events, managing and running many of these himself. He is a keen and positive individual who will see that every event he runs goes just as planned.